Faced with the management’s refusal to remedy unfair labor practices and address workers’ major priorities during contract negotiations, AFSCME Local 397 (District Counc

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City of Norfolk employees across departments have been building support to form a union with AFSCME

AFSCME Virginia and AFSCME District Council 20 supported several winning candidates both locally and across the Commonwealth.

On Tuesday, May 11, City of Norfolk employees joined together on the steps of City Hall to demand fair raises.

When Velicia Tucker joined the City of Alexandria workforce 25 years ago, her father, who was retired from the U.S. Postal Service after a 30-year career, encouraged her to join AFSCME.

Clifford Johnson’s body has suffered through a lot over 16 years working for Norfolk’s sanitation department.

He bangs his knees while jumping in and out of the trash truck, is exposed to hazardous chemicals, and constantly bends to lift heavy materials. Now, the long-term impact is becoming clear.

“I’m breaking down,” he said. “I’m limping and got aches all over the place…just like football players.”

Workers Memorial Day 2021 arrives at a moment of the greatest urgency, when the front lines of the war against COVID-19 run through America’s workplaces.

It’s a historic ordinance, the first the Commonwealth has seen in over 40 years. The mandate was created to promote orderly relationships between the city and its employees.

It permits workers to bargain over work-related issues. The intent is that city employees will be able to enter into a collective bargaining contract with a union.

City workers spoke at the council meeting, saying that the ordinance is just the first step towards creating better employee conditions.